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    FSS Freeway Anatomical Headpiece Padded Bridle STELLAR Crystal Bling Piping Edges

    CHOOSE YOUR Crystal Colour (enter choice into the box below): Clear, Clear AB, Light Rose, Fuchsia (hot pink), Rose Gold, Hyacinth (orange), Light Siam (scarlet red), Siam (red), Amethyst (plum purple), Violet (lilac), Tanzanite (lavender), Montana (dark blue), Cobalt Blue, Light Sapphire, Sapphire AB, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon (aqua green), Emerald Green, Peridot (light green), Citrine (yellow), Light Colorado Topaz (gold), Topaz (amber), Smoke Topaz (caramel brown), Gold Hematite (antique gold), Black Diamond (grey), Jet Black, Heather multicolour(clear AB, light rose, rose, fuchsia, amethyst, tanzanite, violet, light amethyst), Ocean multicolour (peridot, emerald, blue zircon, montana, light sapphire, cobalt, aquamarine), Desert multicolour (jonquil, topaz, light colorado topaz, smoke topaz, siam, light siam, hyacinth, citrine) or Rainbow multicolour (fuchsia, violet, sapphire, blue zircon, peridot, citrine, hyacinth, light siam)

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