FSS STANDING Martingale Attachment Leather Elastic Elasticated Clip to Breastplate/Martingale


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FSS Leather Standing Martingale Attachment for use with a breastplate, v-check or martingale.

Size: Standard (full) or Short (pony). Both sizes have several holes for adjustment, and room to punch more holes to make smaller if required
Leather Colours: Black, Havana Brown, Antique Nut (Chestnut), Burgundy Oak, Cognac (light brown), Newmarket Tan
Hardware: Brass/Gold or Silver
Attachment: clip

Standing martingales are useful for horses that toss their head up in a dangerous manner as they block the head from coming above a set point. They need to be used with a cavesson noseband or similar, and this should be of a strong material to take the strain imposed by the martingale. Fitting the standing martingale to the correct length is traditionally done by running the leather strap up between the horses front legs from its position on the girth (taught) to the junction of the jaw and neck, and adjusting the martingale to stop at that distance before fitting to the noseband of the bridle. Standing martingales are not recommended for jumping as they may restrict the horses ability to bascule correctly, and as with any aid should be used by knowledgeable and sympathetic riders.


  • Standing martingale attachment which clips onto your existing breastplate and buckles onto the noseband
  • Several holes for the buckle so can be adjusted length wise, room to punch several more holes
  • Strong elastic insert for flex and stretch
  • Designed to prevent the horse from raising its head above a point of control or tossing its head by attaching to the back of the noseband

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Full/Horse, Pony

Leather Colour

Cognac (Light Brown), Black, Burgundy, Havana Brown, Newmarket Tan


Brass, Silver


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