FSS Glimmer Diamond Clear Silver Crystal Bling Curve Browband SALE 40% OFF


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FSS Glimmer Bling Browband made with 6mm and 3mm Crystals for full-on sparkle and shine

Gorgeous classic clear crystals in silver chain, super sparkly

Hand-made so can be customised in other colour combinations too –Β  please get it touch if you would like it made differently, or to order this as part of a complete bridle



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Cob(15"), Extra-Full(17"), Full(16")

Leather Colour



Curve U


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Crystals are delicate and must be handled with special care. To retain their full sparkle you will need to keep the crystals clean and dust free; crystal also do not like getting wet or covered in leather products so when caring for the browband leather please take care to avoid the crystals. To remove dust from the crystals use a clean dry brush like a toothbrush or make up brush. Brush gently to remove the dust on and between the crystals. For extra sparkle add a tiny touch of window/glass cleaner on a toothbrush to help clean the crystals themselves. Then to finish use a microfiber cloth or soft clean cloth to gently polish the crystals. Cover your crystal browband or keep it in a bridle bag when not in use to stop dust from settling on it.

Please take care that your horse does not rub its head when wearing a crystal browband as crystals are easily damaged or knocked out. You will need to took after the claws/settings that hold each crystal in place; after each ride check to make sure they haven’t been caught in the forelock and opened up. If they have opened up then gently press them back down using a pair of tweezers or similar. Do not counter flex a crystal browband as the crystals may press against each other and scratch, become damaged or the thread come off. If you accidentally lose a crystal please get in touch as we should be able to get replacements for you from FSS. Due to the delicate nature of crystals we cannot guarantee against any damages incurred after your receipt of the product however where possible FSS will offer a repair service as accidents do happen.

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